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Travel to Galle and my Sri Lankan Family

In Negombo slept a little bit during the day because i was still very tired from the flight. In the evening i went back to the beach to see the sunset. The sun looks very big in Sri Lanka!


Fisher at Sunset





The next Morning i went to Colombo by tucktuck. The driver sang a lot of songs during the ride. He’s a tuck tuck driver by day and a singer by night. I will soon upload a video of my travels but i did not have the time to edit anything jet.

At the train station i had a little problem. To take my bicycle with me i have to make a reservation one day prior to departure of the train. Which i didn’t do because i did not know about it. So i went to the bus station near by and after some negotiating i got my selfe four seats in the last row of a bus. It was not cheap but i had a very relaxing bus ride!


Bus ride



I arrived at the Friendship Villa and finally saw Jagat, Rasika, Nishadi and Shanika and Ashan again. I met them one year ago on my first visit to Sri Lanka. It was my first time in Asia and the first time traveling alone. They were very friendly to me from the beginning and i liked it there so much that i stayed almost one month with them. They took me in like a family member and i did not feel like a tourist at all. It was one of the greatest experience in my life. We talked all day!

If you ever come to Sri Lanka you have to come here. Its the best place here and i know because i have traveled the country before. Tripadvisor link.

The next day Jagat got some octopus at the fish market and he boiled it with young papayas and cleaned it. I cut the octopus in little peaces and also helped with the cooking.


Jagat and the Octopus




Rasika cooking


The doughters



Deviled Octopus


In the Friendship Villa is also one other guest. Sam from Chicago. He’s a very nice guy and good company to talk to. It’s his second time in Sri Lanka and he learned Sinhala ( People in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese or Tamil and the languages are Sinhala or Tamil) in one year. From what i have heard he can speak very good but not as fast as the locals.


Sam from Chicago


In Sri Lanka are a lot of very nice and colorful birds flying around. I am glad i brought my tele lens!

Blue Bird

Blue Bird



Tomorrow i will start my bicycle tour. After seeing the busy road between Galle and Colombo i decided to go the other direction around the coast. I will travel east. First stop Matara.



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