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Factories in the Mekong Delta

In the Mekong delta are a lot of factories. Here are the ones i visited.


Coconut candy factory.

They boil coconut milk, malt syrup and sugar until it caramelizes. The exact ratio of the mixture is a well guarded secret. Their tastet is very good but are also extremely chewy like most caramel candies.


FABI0874 FABI0881 FABI0871


Because there is a lot of fruit being grown in the mekong delta the bees are working like crazy. Most families have one or more bee hives in there garden and from time to time some sneaky humans steal the sweet gold.FABI0857 FABI0859 FABI0860


Rice paper factory. The most important ingredient for making spring rolls are being made by some old ladies in the most relaxing way!

FABI1274 FABI1282FABI1275 FABI1276 FABI1281 FABI1277

And finally the poor snakes being made into wallets and handbags. They take starved snake (which is still alive) put a rubber band around the end of the snake and around its mouth and inflate the snakes with a air pump by putting the tip of the air pump into there mouths. This will stretch out the snakes and later they will be cut open and nailed to a wooden board. Poor snakes…

FABI1225 FABI1224 FABI1227 FABI1218

And some more pictures from the Delta.

FABI1235 FABI1264 FABI1246 FABI1255

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