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Cambodia Phnom Penh

Going to Cambodia

After Christmas i decided that i have seen enough of vientam and took an early morning bus from Can Tho to Phnom Penh. They put some incense sticks on the front of the bus for good luck and of we went to the Cambodian border.IMG_20151227_052737341_HDR


Got a nice souvenir in my passport!



Finaly i am out of Vietnam. Away from the masses of people. Back in a buddhist country. Local people finally speech english. Monks and temples everywhere. Annoying tuktuk drivers. I love it!

FABI1352 FABI1356 FABI1357 FABI1360 FABI1371 FABI1376 FABI1381 FABI1398 FABI1409 FABI1418 FABI1421FABI1472 FABI1484 FABI1465 FABI1477 FABI1474 FABI1482 FABI1486 FABI1487

Hotel rooms.

Sometimes i book a hotel over booking.com which is easy and they have very competitive prices. I have mostly booked double rooms because the single rooms tend to be on the first floor without any windows and in most parts of Vietnam the double rooms where only about 2-5 dollars more expensive. For example in Hoi An i had a 12 dollar single room with no windows the first night and then changed to a 16 dollar double room with a balcony which was so worth the extra cost! But i have had some bad experiences as well. Because i arrive alone sometimes they want to put me in a single room even though i booked and am paying for a double room. So sometimes you just have to complain! The next two pictures are the room they gave me and the much larger room i actually paid for and got in the end. You could not walk in the first room. It was just a bit bigger than the bed (but still nice and clean).

FABI1330 FABI1331

Also the small room was on the first floor with a window but you could only see a wall of the next house and the next picture was the view of the large room. On the 5th floor!FABI1335 FABI1337

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