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From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

After some quick pictures at midnight on silvester i went strait to bed because i wanted to ride my bike on the first day of the year!



An so i started to cycle to Siem Reap. It took me three days and it was an experience!

So its 2016 the main roads in Cambodia must be normal asphalt roads right? Sometimes yes. But mostly it was dirt, dirt and dirt. I loved it. Gladly i had my face mask!

FABI1539 FABI1575

For breakfast i stopped for some boiled corn on the road. It was delicious!

FABI1567 FABI1563 FABI1556

And of course a coconut for extra energy!


Hey bicycle man look at my cat!


And back to the dirt road.


My skin started to become one with the road.


On the side of the roads are small huts for everyone to use. Sometimes also with hammocks.

FABI1573 IMG_20160103_145618837_HDR FABI1592

Those are lotus flowers. I think you can eat the seeds. But i didn’t try.

FABI1581 FABI1605 FABI1604 FABI1597IMG_20160102_114000442_HDR IMG_20160102_143032319_HDR IMG_20160102_145138180_HDR

Time to get clean and get some radler with ice!

FABI1622 IMG_20160102_155059404_HDR

That day i also met some real cyclists. They made their 19000 km mark that day! Watch out for Fabien the french cyclist 🙂


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