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Angkor and its temples.

After arriving in Siam Reap i got myself a seven day entry pass to alle the temples in the area. My plan was to just take my bike and ride to some temples every day and not rush trough as most tourist do. Five days of exploring, more than 700 pictures and one very impressed Fabian later i am sitting here being spoilt for the choice of which pictures to put into my blog.


The Khmer empire ruled from the 9th to the 15th sanctuary and build Angkor as their capital city. Since some temples are very old the need some support ether from humans or from nature.FABI1806 FABI1893 FABI1955-BearbeitetFABI2442

Beside the amazing ruins of temples there were also some awesome animals. Like this spider waiting for pray.FABI1983

Or one of the many nicely colored dragonfliesFABI2317FABI2342

The famous Bayon temple within Angkor Thom with its 200 faces was my favorite.FABI2418-Bearbeitet FABI2404 FABI2401-Bearbeitet

The whole are of Angkor comprises around 200 square meters but most tourists are only visiting the most famous cites. When you go of the beaten track just a little bit you could find yourself alone at very nice ruins and even see  some snakes or geckos.FABI2171FABI1865-BearbeitetFABI2123FABI2153

Angkor Wat, a temple build for the god Vishnu and the previous state temple of the Khmer empire, is the most famous cite for tourists and monks alike. Therefore i only have a view pictures without masses of tourists.FABI2256-Bearbeitet FABI2412 FABI2260

I have already seen a lot of temples in South East Asia but Angkor has the most interesting.

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