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Luang Prabang and around

Luangprabang is like Hoi An  in Vietnam a UNESCO world heritage cite. Very nicely refurbished houses. One after another. The City has chic restaurants and lokal crafts and arts shops. A very good place to spend christmas.


FABI4164-2 FABI4166-2

I even got one christmas present from a friend from Austria. It was a nice paper star. I hung it up at the ceiling in my room. Travel christmas tree right there. Thanks.


In Luang Prabang i made a cooking class. It was the day after christmas eve so i was a bit hung over. But we cooked some delicious food and ate a lot. At the market someone had a feet fetish.

FABI4101-2 FABI4105-2 FABI4111-2 FABI4110-3 FABI4115-2

At the cookinglcasses restarant I again met two cyclists of the cycling tour. Of course i immediately told them what happened to me on the way to Luang Prabang and they could not believe i kept on cycling up that last hill. They invited me to join the tours christmas day dinner, which was very nice of them. Again great food.


The next day i walked away from the city center a bit to discover the surroundings.

Lao trashcans keeps Laos clean.


And also did some sightseeing of the local temples.

FABI4129-2 FABI4138-2 FABI4140-2 FABI4142-2

I also did some hiking with a friend i met at the cooking class. We trekked through some lokal villages to a series of waterfalls.

FABI4182-3  FABI4199-3

On the way we saw some wild mama boar with her jung ones.FABI4203-3FABI4193-3 fabi4225-3

The local houses looked very nicely made.fabi4244-3

In one of the villages the local kids had a blast riding downhill with a old bike. It had no air in the tires and the chain was just hanging off but they had a blast!fabi4213-3  fabi4215-3 fabi4218-3 fabi4219-3 fabi4209-3

To refresh our selves after the hike we jumped into a waterfall.

fabi4273-3 fabi4266-3 fabi4256-3 fabi4247-3

Since it was my last day in Luang Prabang i took my bike to a bicycle shop and got it cleaned and oiled. Best 6 euros i every spent. Never had a chain that clean before. Sadly i have no pictures of my bike before i had i cleaned. It looked like it was laying on some dusty lao road for ages.

FABI4172-2 FABI4171-2


Off to Thailand…

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