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Luangprabang to Chiang Mai

My trip to Chiang Rai in Thailand stared with a two day boat ride. Bikes on the roof and off we went. The views where nice from the river. I tried to sleep so the 8 hour long boat ride would fly by quickly.

FABI4281 FABI4283

But me sleep was interrupted buy the lack of engine noise and bit of a commotion on the boat. Well the engine splashed around water and they turned it off. The locals tried to fix the engine. First some other boat came and they gave them a wrench. It looked like the same size like i have to take off my back weel 🙂FABI4287

After some trying, they decided to get us another boat. The boat arrived an hour later without any seats. We thought ok we can all sleep on the floor but they ordered us to move all the seats over to the other boat.IMG_20161228_142810607 IMG_20161228_142821334 IMG_20161228_142823950 IMG_20161228_143242477

In the end we were 10 hours on the boat and had to drive two hours in the dark which was quite dangerous because of rocks along the river side. We made it safely to Pak Beng and the next day we got a luxury boat with tables. It was very relaxing. Made some friends and we played cards, watched the riverside. Even saw some logging elephants and other animals. The occasional monk on a rock.FABI4348FABI4334 FABI4298 FABI4311 FABI4313 FABI4324 FABI4326 FABI4327  FABI4318

Afte crossing the border over the friendship bridge in Huai Xay we took a taxi to Chiang Rai. Lots and lots of cars on the road. I thought i could not cycle here. So much more traffic than in Laos. It quickly became obvious that Thailand is a much richer country than Laos. Cars, temples, houses and 7-11 supermarkets everywhere. Everything looked differently. Pictures of the deceased King of Thailand are everywhere. The country is still in moaning.FABI4358

The main reason to stop in Chiang Rai was the White Temple and the Back House. It was insane. Thousands of tourists. Security personal shouting through bullhorns to keep moving and to take off the shoes before entering the temple. Like sheep beeing pushed through.FABI4369 FABI4387 FABI4392 FABI4393 FABI4410 FABI4420

I got a bit of a headache and i never get headaches. We quickly left the White Temple to go to the Black House. There where less tourists but still a touristy place. At the Black House the artist Thawan Duchanee built around 40 houses with lots of crazy stuff inside of them.FABI4490 FABI4444 FABI4441 FABI4468

Machta green tea break .


For new years eve its is tradition to light lanterns in Chiang Mai. We participated! I am a bit late with my blogs but better late than never. Happy new year everyone!FABI4498  FABI4505 FABI4527 FABI4531-Bearbeitet FABI4556 FABI4543-Bearbeitet FABI4558

Breezer gang! It was nice meeting you guys. Have fun in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. My two favorite countries.FABI4549

Cycling to Ayutthaya next.

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