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Chiang Mai to Bangkok

First i want to say to everyone who is looking for information about cycling from Chiang Mai to Malaysia that there is a very good blog on crazyguyonabike.com. I followed her rout for most of the time.



5. Day cycling 36km

Today i only wanted to cycle to the immigration office to get a visa for Thailand. So i cycled across town to find the immigration office closed. I found out its a Thai holiday today. So a bit frustrated that i had to go back the next day i cycled back to my hotel in the old town of Chiang Mai. I got all my things and cycled again to the immigration office. My plan was to get a hotel close to the immigration office so that i could go there very early and beat the crowds. Well the next day i arrived one hour before they open up and already there where around 200 people in a que in front of the immigration office. So i got my visa form and went to the back of the line. In the end it took me four and a half hours to get my visa but now i can stay until mid february.

6. Day cycling 97km, Total ascent/descent: 883/945

So i quickly went back to my hotel and started cycling. I had to go over a mountain on a highway because there are no small roads over that way. Since it took me so long at the immigration office i started cycling at 12 o’clock. The road was good but it was a lot of traffic and the weather wasn’t so nice eather. It was raining from time to time. But i cycled fast and arrived before sunset. In the town where stopped i met another cyclist. He’s from China and only speaks mandarin. We communicated through google translate and would ride together for the next two days. Communication was a bit frustrating from time to time but it was a experience.


7. Day cycling 144km, Total ascent/descent: 1582m/1740m

That day was just cycling. Some rain. Some good roads. Some bad roads. I wanted to push the distance a bit.

On the road i saw a lot of roadkill. Mostly snakes but also a lot of other animals.

IMG_20170105_113228459 IMG_20170105_125123723 IMG_20170105_113419536 IMG_20170105_145234838

Selfie while on the bike very dangerous.


8. Day cycling 83 km

Today was an easy day with lots of sightseeing on the way. I went to the Si Satchanalai historical park, which was very off the beaten track. Only around 10 tourists in the whole park.

After a few km i already saw some temples on the side of the road and lots of birds in the distance.


I just rode trough the maingate of the Si Satchanalai  historical park. I read that there is a entrance fee so i looked around but immediately a gardener said: „Free free“. And waved his hand to signal me to go in.

I think i cycled around for tree hours. I saw a lot of birds. Mostly storks but also some very nice black and blue birds that where very shy and did want me to get a good picture of them.

FABI4686On one temple there where hundreds of storks. It smelled like a very dirty bird cage in a zoo.

FABI4624 FABI4616 FABI4618 FABI4623 FABI4670

Thats the best picture i could get from one of the black and blue birds.FABI4651

They where probably scared of the cat!

FABI4626 FABI4631

The rest of the day i cycled to Sukhothai. Which is also famous for its historical park.

9. Day rest day but also cycling 26 km

Today was a rest day but to get from the town to the historical park it was also 13 km one way.

The park was very nice but much more tourists than in Si Satchanalai historical park. Still very nice to see.

FABI4703 FABI4698 FABI4722 FABI4732 FABI4727

And another dead snake.FABI4747

10. Day cycling 86km

Just cycling today. More roadkill.


11. day cycling 124 km

Today i cycled along sugar cane fields. There where factories along the way and trucks full of sugar cane would pass by all the time. The whole day it smelled like opening a new bag of brown sugar. It was crazy how intensive the smell was.


Again there was some rain here an there but not too bad.


The roads usually looked like this. Very nice to ride on. Just when there was a sugar cane factory than there would be a lot more trucks going there.


For the last 5 km into town i sneaked behind a road cyclist and stole his wind shadow. He was very friendly and even gave me signals when to watch out. I just went into trance and cycled behind him. We than stopped at a bicycle shop and communicated with sign language.


11. Day cycling 128km

IMG_20170108_121856179 IMG_20170105_101447422

12. Day cycling 80

I was cycling a good distance every day but i felt much more exhausted than i should have. In Laos there was not really any winds so when i looked at the flags waving beside a temple i realized, that i must have been cycling against the wind for most of the time the last days.


The last day into Ayutthaya was supposed to be a short one but i made a wrong turn at an intersection and cycled the wrong way. On the road i saw a very big Buddha in the distance and decided to cycle there since i had some time to take a detour.

FABI4759 FABI4769 FABI4788 FABI4791 FABI4787 FABI4779

At the Buddha i looked on google maps to see where i am and realized that i am a bit off the track. So i had to cycle back to the intersection where i made the wrong turn.

The roads into Ayutthaya where getting bigger and again it was raining.



Finale another rest day. I just walked around town a bit and looked for the train schedule for the next day. I wanted to take the train the next day to escape the crazy traffic and roads around Bangkok.

After realizing that it was already getting dark i quickly jumped on my bike and road around the historical park. All the sites where already closed but they were being lighted and so you could see them from outside the gates. Also the full moon made a nice backlight.


I have cycled 1151 km so far and think i have deserved a train ride into Bangkok.

It cost 15 baht for me and 90 baht for the bicycle. 15 baht? 0.40 Euros? Why am i cycling?


In Bangkok i immediately felt the difference in air quality. For the way from the trainstation to the hotel i had to put on my facemarsk.



In Bangkok it was time to meet some friends. First my stepmother and here boyfriend. They are on the way to China and made a stop in Bangkok for the good food. So we had dinner together.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-29 at 16.42.57

The next day i met up with Shreya a Indian girl i met in Sri Lanka. She is doing her masters degree in Bangkok. We had a lovely evening and also met up with some other friends i made the day before. We had a lot of fun and decided to use Shreyas kitchen the next day and do some cooking together.

Crazy dogs and crazy sunset on the way to Shreyas Campus.

FABI4861 FABI4865 FABI4868 FABI4889

I am getting a train to Hua Hin next.

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