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Hua Hin to Surat Thani

After 4 hours of train ride i arrived in Hua Hin. The sun was already going down and i was greeted by masses of old westerners. It was not my scene. So i thought i cycle out of the center a bit to get to some more quiet place. I ended up cycling 8 km and was already in the next town. On the way was one expensive resort after another. So not my price rate ether. Finally i found a nice motel beside the road. Cheap, clean, perfect.

12. Day cycling 101km

The next day i started very late and lazy. I went on the road at 11 o’clock. Which was the latest i have started to cycle on this trip. The heat was strong at 32 celsius but i had  backwinds the whole day. I loved to be on my bike again and the road was perfekt. At first i was riding 10 km on a bicycle highway. Just some cows on the road and some other cyclists. It was perfekt.

FABI4901 FABI4928 FABI4921

The rest of the day i tried to take small roads as close to the beach as possible. I only had to ride on a big highway for 5 km or so. The rest oft the day was full of pineapple fields, birds and crazy monkeys.

FABI4941 FABI4942 FABI4964 FABI4970 FABI4931FABI5013

Realy crazy monkeys. I stopped along the road to take some pictures of a group of monkeys that were sitting on a rock. After i took some shots with my camera i remembered the bananas in my bag and thought i could feed the monkeys. So i opened my bicycle bag and ripped off one banana. All the monkey where looking at me right now. I threw them the one banana to the other side of the road. Suddenly all the monkeys charged at me. I stepped a few stepps back. I have to say i was scared of them! They did not care at all about the one banana i threw to them. They jumped on my bike and took out the whole bunch of bananas. Then they looked and hissed at me. I screamed and shouted at them while waving my arms around until they backed off of my bicycle. I quickly grabbed it and drove off. Crazy monkeys!

FABI4951 FABI4953

13. Day cycling 92 km

Today i finaly found some eatable bamboo sticks at a market. I saw them before and wanted to try it. I had no idea what it was. After a closer inspection i saw that its just sticky rice with different flavors. I bought a bundle and went to the beach for some sticky rice lunch.

IMG_20170120_131755485 IMG_20170120_131855582

And again i saw some more roadkill.


14. Day cycling 172 km

Today i met a russian cyclist named Alexey. We had the same way and so we cycled together. He was riding on a road bike and with very little baggage. The whole day he was riding behind me. Which annoyed me. I thought that it is an unwritten law to switch between cycling in front. Apparently not for him. Stealing my wind shadow for the whole day. But he took some nice pictures of me which is nice. And we made quite some distance.

QixBoih1lbs IMG_20170122_144750554_HDR IMG_20170122_102019666  dtJYinoHW04 DW8KLF7yiEs _ZLP33zlsVY

The roads where nice and the weather was perfekt.


14. Day cycling 118 km

Today i again cycled with my russian friend over my shoulder. It started out as a nice day but we could see that it would rain soon.

We got some lunch at a shop on the road and some pineapple as desert.IMG_20170123_113007520_HDRIMG_20170123_133838652

And shortly after it was starting to rain. So we had to take some cover.


First it only rained around 15 minutes. So after a short brake under a tent we kept on riding but it started again. This time much stronger. After waiting for an hour we decided to part ways since we where very close to Surat Thani where we would go seperate ways anyway. Alex didn’t have a rain jacket so he wanted to wait a bit longer. We said goodbye and i started to cycle to the beginning of a road that would lead me to the west coast of Thailand.


After arriving there my fears became true. The road was more like a highway. I slept at a gas station.


The next day i cycled to a traffic light and stopped the first bus that hat Phuket written on it. After a very irritated nono they understood that i wanted to go on the bus and took me with them to Phuket. So what now i thought. The roads going south look like highways on google maps so i decided to do some island hopping.


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