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Hua Hin to Surat Thani

After 4 hours of train ride i arrived in Hua Hin. The sun was already going down and i was greeted by masses of old westerners. It was not my scene. So i thought i cycle out of the center a bit to get to some more quiet place. I ended up cycling 8 km and was already in the next town. On the way was one expensive resort after another. So not my price rate ether. Finally i found a nice motel beside the road. Cheap, clean, perfect.

12. Day cycling 101km

The next day i started very late and lazy. I went on the road at 11 o’clock. Which was the latest i have started to cycle on this trip. The heat was strong at 32 celsius but i had  backwinds the whole day. I loved to be on my bike again and the road was perfekt. At first i was riding 10 km on a bicycle highway. Just some cows on the road and some other cyclists. It was perfekt.

FABI4901 FABI4928 (mehr …)

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

First i want to say to everyone who is looking for information about cycling from Chiang Mai to Malaysia that there is a very good blog on crazyguyonabike.com. I followed her rout for most of the time.



5. Day cycling 36km

Today i only wanted to cycle to the immigration office to get a visa for Thailand. So i cycled across town to find the immigration office closed. I found out its a Thai holiday today. So a bit frustrated that i had to go back the next day i cycled back to my hotel in the old town of Chiang Mai. I got all my things and cycled again to the immigration office. My plan was to get a hotel close to the immigration office so that i could go there very early and beat the crowds. Well the next day i arrived one hour before they open up and already there where around 200 people in a que in front of the immigration office. So i got my visa form and went to the back of the line. In the end it took me four and a half hours to get my visa but now i can stay until mid february.

6. Day cycling 97km, Total ascent/descent: 883/945

So i quickly went back to my hotel and started cycling. I had to go over a mountain on a highway because there are no small roads over that way. Since it took me so long at the immigration office i started cycling at 12 o’clock. The road was good but it was a lot of traffic and the weather wasn’t so nice eather. It was raining from time to time. But i cycled fast and arrived before sunset. In the town where stopped i met another cyclist. He’s from China and only speaks mandarin. We communicated through google translate and would ride together for the next two days. Communication was a bit frustrating from time to time but it was a experience.


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Luangprabang to Chiang Mai

My trip to Chiang Rai in Thailand stared with a two day boat ride. Bikes on the roof and off we went. The views where nice from the river. I tried to sleep so the 8 hour long boat ride would fly by quickly.

FABI4281 (mehr …)

Luang Prabang and around

Luangprabang is like Hoi An  in Vietnam a UNESCO world heritage cite. Very nicely refurbished houses. One after another. The City has chic restaurants and lokal crafts and arts shops. A very good place to spend christmas.


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Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang

The second part of my Laos cycling tour was heading into the mountains. Although the uphill cycling was exhausting, it was rewarded by amazing views.


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Vientiane to Vang Vieng

Yes its that time of the year again where it gets cold in vienna and although my new windproof down jacket helped a lot when i was on the bike in vienna, cycling from a to b, but south east Asia might be a bit more cycle friendly. A couple of months ago i read up on Malaysia and it sounds like a good place to discover. Also i wanted to go to northern Thailand. So why not combine both and cycle from northern Thailand to Malaysia. More or less… lets see.

So a couple of weeks ago i booked a flight to Bangkok and going back from Kuala Lumpur. Since then i noticed that there is this country called Laos. Laos? I have heard only good things about Laos. Its also close to northern Thailand and i have been in every country around it except China. Ok Laos just made it in my travel plan.

I thought about leaving my bike in Bangkok and discovering Laos in two weeks and than go back to Bangkok and fly to Chiang Rai. But that was too much flying for my taste. So i’ll start my bike trip in Laos and here i am now.

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Angkor and its temples.

After arriving in Siam Reap i got myself a seven day entry pass to alle the temples in the area. My plan was to just take my bike and ride to some temples every day and not rush trough as most tourist do. Five days of exploring, more than 700 pictures and one very impressed Fabian later i am sitting here being spoilt for the choice of which pictures to put into my blog.


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Cambodia Phnom Penh

Going to Cambodia

After Christmas i decided that i have seen enough of vientam and took an early morning bus from Can Tho to Phnom Penh. They put some incense sticks on the front of the bus for good luck and of we went to the Cambodian border.IMG_20151227_052737341_HDR

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From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

After some quick pictures at midnight on silvester i went strait to bed because i wanted to ride my bike on the first day of the year!


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Factories in the Mekong Delta

In the Mekong delta are a lot of factories. Here are the ones i visited.


Coconut candy factory.

They boil coconut milk, malt syrup and sugar until it caramelizes. The exact ratio of the mixture is a well guarded secret. Their tastet is very good but are also extremely chewy like most caramel candies.


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