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The Mekong Delta

From Ho Chi Minh City i cycled south into the Mekong Delta. Its the end of the Mekong river which flows through six countries. China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and finally splits up into many rivers in Vietnam and flows into the South China Sea.IMG_20151222_132938484_HDR

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Ho Chi Minh City,

the biggest city in Vietnam. Even though i am not really a city fan, somehow i like it here. HCMC is like a small Bangkok.

Here are some pictures to enjoy. Everything is happening on the streets here!



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Phong Nha Caves

Three day Trekking and Caving

For my birthday i got my self a present. I did a three day trekking and caving tour in the Phong Nha area.

I booked the tour with a company called Oxalis. A bit expensive for Vietnam but totally worth it. We were a group of eight people. l l very friendly and funny. We also had two guides who where always smiling and had great knowledge about the caves. In addition we had four porters who carried our tents, food and prepared some of the best dinners i had so far in vietnam.

On our first day we trekked trough a valley and from there trekked trough a cave until we reached our first base camp. I could not take so much pictures during the trekking because my camera was in a dry box and we were climbing on all fours the majority of the time.FABI0416

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Sam Son

I continued cycling to Sam Son a tourist city on the beach mainly for Vietnamese people. It is the offseason there right now and the whole town looked like it was under construction. Only a few hotels where open. Since the weather forecast had nothing but rain to offer for the next days i decided to take a bus to Hue.


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Vietnam Bicycle Tour Start


It has been one week since my flight to Hanoi. Yes i went out on another adventure and brought my bike again. Vietnam has a long coast and since riding on the cost in Sri Lanka was amazing it might also be amazing in Vietnam. Well time will tell. I have not made it to the beach jet. Jet!


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The lost article or highlands of Sri Lanka

No i am not in Sri Lanka anymore. I have returned home and was looking through all my pictures. There are a lot i have not postet but i have not posted any of my trip around the highland of Sri lanka. I met my Georges from Austria, both friends of mine, but they didn’t know each other before we all met in Sri Lanka. Because Georg number one was only two weeks in Sri Lanka, we decided to rent a car with a driver to explore the mountains. Its just faster to get around!


Georg number one aka old Georg

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After Jaffna i went to Mannar island but i hid in my guesthause all day because it was very hot. The weather forecast listet 33 degrees celsius but that could not nearly have been right! Even the locals where complaining about the heat! So i left without discovering the island in the hope that i would get cooler in the south.

Because of the heat i wanted to ride before the sunrise. So i startet at 5 in the morning (sunrise around 6:15). What i did not consider was that when it is dark in Sri Lanka it is pitch black. No lights from any city, no streetlights and my bicycle LED light broke two weeks ago. I could only ride very slow and almost crashed into someone walking on the roadside. After the sun came up it was an easy cool ride and i was happy that i could finally see the road but after the first 50 km a military guy stopped me and told me that the road ahead was flooded over one meeter. So i turned around. I had to go back 33 km. I was not happy. The heat was getting worst by the minute and the nearest town was still over 100 km away.

Luck was on my side and i had three little helpers along the way. The first was a jung guy who was training for bicycle racing. He pushed me for almost 40 km until or paths split. After that i go sore muscles but than it start raining. It was a mild summer rain and it cooled me down and gave me some more energy! The third help were some king coconuts. I have not been able to get any coconuts to drink in the north. Apparently its not the season there. So i was really happy to see a big pile of coconuts on the roadside. I drank two instantly and got some more in my water bottle!

I rode 170 km from 5 am to 4 pm and was really happy to arrive in Anuradhapura!


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Nainativu Island and Jaffna City

Today we went to another Island named Nainativu. It is fairly small but has a big hindu temple, a buddhist temple and a mosque on it. The ride there was bumpy and loud but the ferry got us to the island in one peace!


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First day in Jaffna

So i teamed up with a crazy funny Australian girl named Maia and we started to explore the island of Karainagar. Which is one of nine islands close to Jaffna.


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The deep north

When you talk to Singalese people in the south they will tell you that the tamil tigers were terrorists and the last president of Sri Lanka was good because he stopped the war. But after hearing some stories from my Tamil guesthouse owner i had a different feeling about the north. There was e big war going on by land by sea and by air. The tamil tigers were not just some terrorist group. There was a real war going on and even though the last president has stopped the war, the UN wants so put him under investigation form warcrimes. So i left the guesthouse in Trincomalee, which is being rebuilt for the 4th time because it got destroyed by bombs several times, with a different feeling about the north than before.

I started early morning and saw kingfishers like every 50 meters on the electric wires and even some with other colors than the blue ones. In the morning they are waiting near the ponds to catch small fish.

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