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Sri Lanka 2015

After Jaffna i went to Mannar island but i hid in my guesthause all day because it was very hot. The weather forecast listet 33 degrees celsius but that could not nearly have been right! Even the locals where complaining about the heat! So i left without discovering the island in the hope that i […]

Today we went to another Island named Nainativu. It is fairly small but has a big hindu temple, a buddhist temple and a mosque on it. The ride there was bumpy and loud but the ferry got us to the island in one peace!

So i teamed up with a crazy funny Australian girl named Maia and we started to explore the island of Karainagar. Which is one of nine islands close to Jaffna.

When you talk to Singalese people in the south they will tell you that the tamil tigers were terrorists and the last president of Sri Lanka was good because he stopped the war. But after hearing some stories from my Tamil guesthouse owner i had a different feeling about the north. There was e big war […]

Fresh Tuna and the best pina colada! [nggallery id=3]   And we ate part of the tuna as sashimi in the morning but no pictures because the camera was still sleeping 🙂    

So finally i have some time to relax and catch up on my blogging! One week ago i went to Kandy by train for a little sightseeing tour. Kandy is located in the mountains in the center of Sri Lanka and has some different vegetation and is much cooler than the coast!

I am back from my train trip and got my spokes from Austria. So its time to go to a bicycle mechanic again.

Right now i am planing a train journey to Kandy and to the airport. I have only been on a train once in Sri Lanka and that was the overnight train a few days ago. I have heard that it is very nice to ride the train in the mountains of Sri Lanka and so […]

At full moon all buddhists go to the temple to pray and so i joined them.

I left the beautiful beach of Arugam Bay behind me hoping my spokes will carry me a little longer.

The people i met in Arugam Bay are moving on and so should i. For the last day we wanted to make a fire at the beach and so we did!

Right now its not the season in Arugam Bay and even though there is one guesthouse after another there are only a few tourists. I met three travelers who are all traveling on there own but found each other on their journey through Sri Lanka and now i found them. During the day we explored the […]

When the sun goes down an the moon awakens the prawn fisher come to the lagoon. They put a lamp in the water to attract the prawns and then they trow out a round net to catch them. The amount they catch is not very much but it just looks awesome how they throw the […]

From Habantota i started very early and cycled to a town very close to Yala. Yala is the biggest national park in Sri Lanka and there is a road in between which i wanted to ride on. Maybe i would see some animals there. After seeing some youtube videos named „angry elephant on the road in Yala“ […]

Since i will not ride my bike today i helped some fisherman. They put a big fishing net in the water and then we pulled it back in. That was really hard! Unfortunately the waves were so big that the fish jumped over the net and at the end we only got four fish. I […]

I started my trip at 8 o’clock in the morning. Not as early as i hoped but i am not much of an early bird. After i said good by to everyone i started to go east. Since i was in Sri Lanka before i did know the way but my trip is ver easy anyway. […]

In Negombo slept a little bit during the day because i was still very tired from the flight. In the evening i went back to the beach to see the sunset. The sun looks very big in Sri Lanka!

The journey to Sri Lanka

Hi, this is my first blog entry on my new site. I am planning a trip around Sri Lanka by bicycle and want to document the trip through this blog. I will post pictures and my experiences throughout the trip. Right now i am in Qatar. Qatar airlines took my overweight bicycle Package without any extra charge. […]