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Vientam 2015

In the Mekong delta are a lot of factories. Here are the ones i visited.   Coconut candy factory. They boil coconut milk, malt syrup and sugar until it caramelizes. The exact ratio of the mixture is a well guarded secret. Their tastet is very good but are also extremely chewy like most caramel candies.

From Ho Chi Minh City i cycled south into the Mekong Delta. Its the end of the Mekong river which flows through six countries. China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and finally splits up into many rivers in Vietnam and flows into the South China Sea.

the biggest city in Vietnam. Even though i am not really a city fan, somehow i like it here. HCMC is like a small Bangkok. Here are some pictures to enjoy. Everything is happening on the streets here!  

Three day Trekking and Caving For my birthday i got my self a present. I did a three day trekking and caving tour in the Phong Nha area. I booked the tour with a company called Oxalis. A bit expensive for Vietnam but totally worth it. We were a group of eight people. l l very friendly […]

Sam Son I continued cycling to Sam Son a tourist city on the beach mainly for Vietnamese people. It is the offseason there right now and the whole town looked like it was under construction. Only a few hotels where open. Since the weather forecast had nothing but rain to offer for the next days […]

Hanoi It has been one week since my flight to Hanoi. Yes i went out on another adventure and brought my bike again. Vietnam has a long coast and since riding on the cost in Sri Lanka was amazing it might also be amazing in Vietnam. Well time will tell. I have not made it […]